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At FI, we hand select our vintage indigos. We hand cut sew and build all of our products in house in sunny California. Our indigo pillows are offered in an assortment of sizes.

x abc carpet & home A INDIGO STORY

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4684904_1495865604206_35733

FI Indigo pillows offered in an assortment of sizes. 24"x 24" $325 list/$162 net 25" x 16" $295list /$147net

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4789480_1533506447514_709417

faded patterns

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4576541_1472244849862_116900

FI Indigo ottomans, hard wood frames, padded an upholstered. Offered in a variety of sizes. Starting at $695 list- $2495 list.

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4813188_1541281838853_633846

faded indigo ottoman

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4681394_1494811425583_595944

Vintage Hmong indigos, limited supply. All pricing falls in line with other FI pillows.


FI Indigo bolster pillows

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4817112_1543122130925_349973

FI two pattern on white.

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4766993_1525107686417_470163
Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4837439_1554657659034_367153

faded indigo's

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4837441_1554657825749_126359
Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4755696_1520897200165_939333_edited

faded indigo's

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4689209_1497840169842_796981

Grey washed vintage Hmong batik textile. Limited supply.

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4717130_1506717829175_284048

FI 20" round one-of-a-kind ottomans. Starting at $795 list

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4717127_1506717481419_990083

FI two pattern round ottomans. Starting at $795 list.

Product Square-vmf_vendor_OYX_4684903_1495865472115_688704

FI Indigo pillow two-way Down feather inserts 25" x 16" shown

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