Interior Designer, Stylist, Creative Director, and Product Developer, Tammy Price's love of design, timeless pieces and one-of-a-kind high-quality style has always been within. Upon graduating design school in her home town of Denver, Colorado, she moved to Las Vegas during the late 80s to follow the booming hotel hospitality industry. At a time where there was not a huge market for products and when Tammy began to design interiors, she found herself continuously designing special products to fit the space because she could never find exactly what she was looking for. Tammy would take her designs and have them made to fit the space and its personality perfectly. She always felt that the details were what pulled the space together and that providing details for clients that weren't readily available, gave them a very unique interior and opportunity - and that’s what Fragments Identity became known for.


After years in the hospitality industry designing for top hotels in Las Vegas, Tammy returned to her roots in Denver with her husband to begin a family. She opened her showroom at the Denver Design Center with her first ever launch of Fragments Identity products, where she then also continued to offer interior design services for commercial, residential and retail, including, restaurants, custom homes and country clubs. Shortly after, Tammy started to become a “designer to designers” from her showroom where other interior designers in the industry would come to Fragments Identity to design product for their projects.


After nearly a decade of designing products for Fragments Identity and other brands, Tammy ultimately made the transition to relocate to California. It was then that Tammy continued her aesthetic while building her West Coast brand.


Now, after 10 years in California, Tammy continues her interior design projects, celebrity makeovers, and designs and develops Fragments Identity's own collections in-house, producing them all in California, USA.


Tammy just completed a lovely home makeover for actress Abigail Spencer and is now working on a re-design of the Beverly Hills home of James and Kimberly Van Der Beek. A living room makeover for SF blogger and designer/stylist Caitlin Flemming of Sacramento Street Blog and the author of Travel Home is coming soon as well. This Fall, FI will be introducing a special new collaboration with Abigail Spencer along with the latest FI collection and the FI American Spirit Collection. Additionally, Fragments Identity will be launching a new collection for S. Harris to-the-trade.

Why the decision to combine home decor and product development under one brand?

It’s truly a natural fit. Every design project we do, 90% of it is our own product and then we go in and add other brands that fit the Fragments Identity aesthetic. When our clients hire us to do their design projects, they are also looking for the Fragments Identity brand look and feel.

Why the name, “Fragments Identity”?

During our first decade as a brand, our name was simply, “Fragments” which was an expression of the combination of different styes - a little bit of this, a little bit of that. When designing for other brands, we offered a lot of diverseness. Once we moved to California, “Identity” was added to our name because we did so much product under private label for other designers, and it’s when we moved to the West Coast that we wanted to focus on our brand and its true identity. Fragments Identity has really become known for its own aesthetic that resonates with who we have always been since the very beginning.

Why is it important to you to feature one-of-a-kind pieces in-house?

Those one-of-a-kind pieces that you offer in one place can really make all the difference to your brand and its clientele. Offering pieces that no one else has, is the best way to keep original. Quality and product fabrication of the highest level is just as important to our brand as the design is. In order to stand out in a saturated market, we are committed to providing impeccable goods of the highest quality. Not only do we design in-house, but we also control and oversee all manufacturing from the beginning selection process of the textiles and furniture frames to the last tissue paper fold in the customer’s packed order.

How do you define “California Cool”?

Light, airy, clean, crisp, and effortless. 

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