We have indigo scarves/coastal wraps.


We have a few small stools like we did in your family room.

Few small round stools available.

small stool like we did at your exterior table.

We can do Fi Pillows as shown in this photo.

We have a large assortment of these one-of- kind natural stripe kilims


FI Berber stripe.

Fragments Identity Natural Pillow 24" x 24"

Fragments identity Kilim Pillow 25" x16"

FI Kilim Chair

Fragments identity Dash Pillow 24" x 24"

Fi Black Messina Pillows

Fragments Identity Kilim Hemp Pillow

Fragments identity Hemp Kilim Pillow. 24" x 24"

FI Natural hemp Kilim Pillow 24" x 24".

Fragments identity -Shandong with natural hemp upholstery.

Fragments Identity Barcello Pillow

FI/Warehouse in stock

31"w x 31" d x 30"h 17" seat height. trade cost $ 1882.00


Fi Fringed natural pillow Qty. 4 24" x 24" List $325.00 Trade $243.75

FI/in stock

Fi Natural Hemp Pillow 25" x 16" Qty. 4 Trade Cost $195.00

Fragments Identity Kilim Banded


FI stock

FI/in stock


Natural Hemp 25" x 16" Trade cost $195.00

Fi Kilim Pillow 24" x 24"

FI warehouse/2 - 3 week

Vintage bench 85"L x 17" $1695.00 Trade cost $ 1102.00

Fragments identity Kilim Pillow 24" x 24"

FI/warehouse in stock



FI/in stock

Fi Kilim stool 20" dia x 20" List $395.00 Trade $257.00

FI/in stock

FI/warehouse 2-3 lead

FI/in stock

Fi French linen bench 49" L x 21"H List $ 1795.00 Trade $ 1167.00


Fi Kilim/Linen Bench 49"L x 21" H List $1595.00 Trade$1037.00

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